Visit to the Christian Dior Museum


Located in the home of Christian Dior, this magnificent site sits high above Granville and offers a remarkable view of the sea and the Chausey Islands. It impresses with its beauty and splendour. As soon as you enter, a friendly reception staff guides you through the visit. There are several display cases with beautifully designed models and accessories. You can breathe in the various scents of Dior perfumes. During the visit, you can discover the Dior perfumes displayed in small olfactory terminals. You will also find paintings by famous painters. You will marvel at the garden and enjoy walking through its paths. You can admire flower beds and roses. The site also has many arbours. This gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the unique landscape of this enchanting place. Children love this site. Translated with (free version)

The Rock of Curiosities


You will discover an original exhibition of natural heritage. In this magical world, the animal world coexists with the mineral world. You will enjoy an exceptional change of scenery. At the beginning of the visit, you are plunged into an incredible tropical atmosphere with the presentation of animal species from Africa, America, Asia, etc. You then enter the famous "Nautilus" which offers a mysterious and fantastic view of the underwater world. Then you will meet animals such as the dragon, the horse, the unicorn, etc. Finally, you can dream away in the surreal shell rooms. Here you will find species from all over the world. Translated with (free version)

Welcome to the Amatice workshop


Lovers of sculpture can take advantage of their stay to learn or improve their skills in this art. With the AMATICE workshop, both beginners and experienced people experience unique moments with training and refresher courses in a friendly atmosphere. The centre has an artistic structure. It offers you the possibility of exhibiting your work with live animation and creation.

The discovery of the fishing port


Do not leave Saint-Pair-sur-mer without visiting the port of Granville. This colourful site is one of the most attractive ports in the region. It is the French shellfish port of reference. You can observe the fishermen who work to the rhythm of the tides. You can also admire the fishing boats as well as the marina and the commercial port of the locality. They are the ports of departure to the islands of Chausey, Jersey or Guernsey. If possible, you can sign up for the "Polo, tell me about the fishing port" initiative to hear the history of this port and discover its strategic points. Alternatively, make the most of your stay to visit the Marité. It is the last Terre-Neuvier of our heritage. Moored in the port of Granville for renovation, this boat is one of the vestiges of the French fleet.

Strolling through the streets


Saint-Pair-sur-mer proposes to many fun activities such as sports and cultural entertainment, parachute jumps, paragliding, first flights, etc. You can also walk through the streets to visit the beaches, do some shopping and go to museums. There are also several hiking trails in the area.

During these walks you can discover the church of Saint-Pair-sur-Mer, the picnic areas, the mouth of the Thar and the Chemin du Verchu. You can also go and meet the villagers by walking along the paths and tracks that link the localities. You will enjoy the cultivated, wooded and hedged landscapes. You will see the rich biodiversity of the region as well as the splendid stone heritage of Beauchamps.

Don't miss the visit of the Saint-Pair-sur-mer seafront. At the level of the dike of St Pair, you will discover the wind rose which indicates the cardinal points. Its orientation table is in the form of a half-moon. It provides information on the history of St Pair. It is also used to identify the land off the coast. In addition, its 13-panel route, known as the Beaufort Scale, determines wind strengths and their effects. You will enjoy this very informative walk for young and old alike.

In addition, you can admire the atypical villas in Saint-Pair-sur-Mer. They represent remarkable and rather contrasting dwellings along the dikes. They impress with their unique appearance. In addition, you will find the original "sea baths. These beach cabins are popular tourist retreats.

Enjoying carnivals and festivals


To immerse yourself in the traditions and cultures, nothing is more interesting than to participate in the numerous carnivals and festivals available throughout the year. If you visit during Granville's carnival season, you'll be treated to some popular jubilation and the town's festive madness is sure to infect you. The region also hosts a renowned carnival, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also enjoy the atmosphere of the "Sorties de Bains" and "Toute la Mer sur un plateau" shellfish festivals, which attract thousands of tourists every year. Several nautical events are still available. You can attend the Puces nautiques, the Solo-Duo Normandie regatta or the Tour des ports de la Manche.

Sea trips


A stay in Saint-Pair-sur-mer is a good opportunity to go to to discover the sea and visit the surrounding islands. You will enjoy the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, the Channel Islands or the Chausey archipelago. You will enjoy strolling on different beaches or fishing on the rocks of Chausey. In Jersey, you have the opportunity to go shopping. After a full day at sea, you can enjoy delicious food in the restaurants near the ports. The local gastronomy will seduce you with its exceptional and unique flavours.

Playing at the casino


The casino enthusiasts can go to the one in Granville, which is located in an exceptional architectural setting. It remains open throughout the week. It offers 100 slot machines. You can get rich after incredible games of blackjack and English roulette. This site also has a Purple Lounge and a bar. You can go there with friends for a drink. The establishment also offers live music on Friday and Saturday nights with a friendly musical atmosphere.

Enjoying the beaches


During your stay in Saint-Pair-sur-mer, you can discover the numerous beaches of the locality. Indeed, the city has 4 km of fine sandy beaches. They offer a festive atmosphere to the rhythm of the tides which invite you to go fishing. In addition, several fun activities are available: beach volleyball, beach, tennis, sand castles, beach football, etc. Many other activities also take place there under the watchful eye of licensed lifeguards. In addition to the beach at Saint-Pair-sur-Mer, the beach at Kairon will also impress you. From these sites you can see Cancale, the Pointe du Grouin, Chausey and the Channel Islands.

In addition, you will find a seawater retention at Saint-Pair-sur-Mer. If the sea seems too cold for you, you can take pleasure in a small bath of 60 cm of water or in a large bath of 2 m of water. You can swim to your heart's content and enjoy the benefits of sea water in complete safety. You will have a great time here, even with your family. Children and young people can swim under the supervision of qualified lifeguards during the opening hours of the station. In any case, this innovation is a great delight for the many tourists who flock to the city every year.

Treat yourself at the Prévithal thalassotherapy


Take advantage of your stay to benefit from a thalasso cure. Seawater, seaweed and sea mud will have a positive impact on your health. Their benefits will revitalise your body thanks to the mineral salts and trace elements in the sea water.

In addition, you will benefit from quality beauty treatments. Qualified beauticians offer a wide range of treatments such as modelling, scrubs, facials, body treatments, slimming treatments, etc. You will also appreciate their Thalgo draining herbal tea.